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The Hagan Family - 2007 The Hagan Family - 2007 The Hagan Family - 2007
The Hagan Family - 2007 The Hagan Family - 2007
The Hagan Family - 2007
The Hagan Family - 2007
The Hagan Family - 2007 The Hagan Family - 2007

The Hagan family consists of three families united and proud to produce this high quality horse sale.

This family horse sale is a result of the Hagan family living out their dream and doing what they want to do with their lives. It all started with Shawne; even though he grew up in a non cowboy family and not in cowboy country at all; against the odds he became a true “Cowboy”. He created a ranch and the complete cowboy lifestyle. This example has lead to his sons and daughter in laws buying, building and making a living with their own independent ranches, cattle herds and horse programs. 

Shawne and Jocelyn are the proud parents of 4; Alistair, Amanda, Thomas and Bronwen and grandparents to 3; Harley Mae, Slade and Rory. They are both very close with of the all of their children and are especially proud of the fact that although their children may not all have the same passion’s in life, they are all passionate about what they do and the direction they have taken their individual lives. Both Shawne and Jocelyn love being grandparents and spend a lot of time with Rory and Harley and Slade. The kids love going to their Nan Nan & Papa’s house and there isn’t a day goes by that Papa Shawne doesn’t stop in to see them. Shawne and Jocelyn live on the Hagan family farm were Shawne was born and raised just 14 miles southwest of Virden; they have been involved in every aspect of ranching and farming; from the purebred Charolais business to grain farming to the PMU industry, to the current cow/calf/yearling operation maintaining a cow herd of 220 Momma cows. Shawne likes to note that this year between his own cattle, being the main man with Alistair at the community pasture and custom grazers and Thomas’s cows and “custom grazers”; he is riding on over 3000 head again this summer. That’s a pile of “cowboying”. Shawne really enjoys spending time in the saddle with his family; you have never seen anyone as proud as him when he is riding side by side with Harley and Slade moving cows. 3 generations of cowboys all because when he was a boy he followed his dreams. Shawne prides himself on “making friends with his horses” and picking out that next “good one”. Shawne loves going on horse buying trips, hunting, roping with the boys at Kings Crossing or just simply enjoying some good company and a beer. Jocelyn is still working off the farm as a member of the team at the Virden Co-op and really enjoys both the people she works with as well as everyone she meets and greets on a daily basis. She makes sure that everyone who goes through her till will be having just a little bit better day when they leave and because of that the line at her till is always the longest. Work is fine but Jocelyn is happiest when hosting her 3 grand babies, any or all of her kids and or her sisters. Simply put she loves having as much family around as possible!  

Alistair, the oldest of the Hagan siblings and wife Erin have been busy with lots of changes since our last sale! Harley Mae is already in Grade 4 this fall and absolutely loves school and Slade man is now in Grade 1. In school every day; wow how did that happen? The kids love both school and the school bus. They are both very active and truly are best friends; having all sorts of adventures together on the ranch and absolutely love spending time with their cousin Rory. Harley wants to hold him all the time and Slade can’t wait for him to be able to play with him. “Ringo” their palomino pony, now 7 has been amazing for Harley this past year. Harley bought her MRCA card this year and together they entered the junior barrels! Slade also had an awesome year thanks to Papa’s horse Buster! Both kids spent a pile of time riding anywhere and everywhere all on their own, from trailing cows to barrel racing or just spending the day hanging out with the Brown boys,Cowans & McGee girls a horseback at the jackpots. Harley and Slade made a deal with dad this summer; $5/ride on each sale horse they ride. Racking up the miles in the saddle and building lifetime bonds and a love for horses and learning a little business along the way!

Alistair and Erin are very proud of the ranch they have built together; just down the road from Shawne & Jocelyn they live on the original Hagan family farm which the family first settled upon arriving from Ireland in 1913. They currently maintain a herd of 250 British cows, grass their own calves, run around 60 head of horses and continue to operate Hagan hoof trimming tip table business. Alistair continues his role as Manager of the Wallace (Kirkella) municipal pasture; a job which not only does he love but is also a great fit for the horse sale. This year proved to be a challenge in the custom grazing business with the market crash and a last minute cancellation of 800 steers. Some serious hustle and a long contact list made it all work out. The custom cattle are all run the original home place; the hard work building cross fences to break the pastures up into 40 acre paddocks and doing their best to rotate/rest and manage the soil/grass is starting to show real results even on their most sensitive sandy soils. They feel they are on track for their goal to be able to graze 1000 steers within the next 2 years. The cow calf pairs are trailed to their land at the lake; the goal is to graze the cows from April 15th to Dec 1st. It was a great year; enough rain but a break from the floods. Grass, cattle and horses all look great.

There are 9 outstanding “BF Streakin Merridoc” foals to wean this fall and 10 more coming next spring. Erin has been very fortunate selling her “Merri” babies to some very good hands and having a lot of people come to look again this year. She is very proud of this year’s foals and excited to see them all grow up. Erin is excited to have two 3 year old fillies she kept for herself (one is out of old Kruz) and the plan is to futurity them both. Alistair and Erin enjoyed another great rodeo season with a few less miles made but a lot of fun; Quality family/rodeo time. Erin had another great year with her good mare Gracie; Alistair entered both the steer wrestling and the team roping at rodeos this season. They made the tough decision to retire old Maverick at 20; hauling “Bullet” in his place. Erin is very excited about the years to come as the kids gain some independence but all of a sudden she finds herself lonely during the days. She is riding more horses than she has in years past but can’t wait for that bus to roll up to the yard, spending as much time as possible with the kids at her side; taking them to their activities or just hanging out outside going on all sorts of adventures.

Huge is the fact that the whole family spent a lot of time together; either a horseback or camping in the motorhome. Alistair and Erin both feel that spending time with good people and enjoying horses together will build lifelong bonds. No matter if it’s a ranch horse, a futurity prospect or a pony, both feel the best way to improve your horsemanship and to make a good horse is to simply spend time in the saddle riding, paying attention to your horse, having fun and surrounding yourself with good people. They truly do this as a family and are working hard to instill a love and respect for this way of life with Harley and Slade. Both can’t believe how time flies by; they love their family, their horses, their land, the ranch life and are looking forward to the future. Both Alistair & Erin are very committed to the rodeo and ranching lifestyle and understand it is just that a “lifestyle”. One they are lucky to live.

One move down and one more to go!  Thomas, Felicity and Rory are not afraid to change the scenery or their home.  Selling their home on the valley this summer, they moved into a rental property of theirs for a few months while finalizing the arrival of their new home which will be located near the rest of the Hagan family. 

This spring Thomas and Felicity purchased 15 quarters of land south of Virden.  This land attaches to their current land base and also provided them with an old yard site to move too.  With this large addition to their operation they increased their own herd by purchasing 190 heifers to breed and sell this fall and took on 300 custom grazers.  This summer has been hectic but enjoyable.  Ranching for a living has been this couples dream and they are closer now than they ever have been.  Matt Campbell, a friend of theirs that lives down the road, has been a huge help this year.  He assists Thomas with treating and rotating the cattle, along with any other task they find him to do.  Felicity’s cousins Roisin and Jake, moved from Ireland roughly two years ago and find a passion within the ranching business.  Without these two lending a helping hand on most weekends throughout the summer, Thomas and Felicity would be run off their feet!  Then there is the grandparents, they lend a helping hand watching Rory whenever asked.

Thomas still continues to shoe horses, but has slowed down since ranching has consumed more of his time.  He is once again an MRCA card holder but has only gone to a few rodeos this year.  He continues to team rope at some of the local jackpots and events and hopes to do much more in the future.  Thomas also remains on the Virden Indoor Rodeo and Wild West Daze board.  He currently holds the position of Vice President and continues to help run the grand entry at the event and him along with Felicity still organize the social.  Rotating the cows and seeing the improvement in their health and the soils, has become a passion of Thomas’s.  Many days he spends setting up paddocks and moving the cows, experimenting with the length of time they spend in the paddock, the size and the species of grass that are there and those that appear after a rest period.  Thomas and Felicity continue to take many grazing courses and workshops.  They find these are a great way to meet people that are doing the same thing as them and learning new techniques of grazing and managing.

Felicity stepped down from the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce this spring and has found life to be even busier!  She helps on the ranch as much as she can, but finds her days fill up fast with their one year old, Rory.  Turning one in June, Rory is now mobile and has developed a very social personality.  He loves hanging out with his cousins on both sides and has become a passionate dancer!!  Rory is an outdoorsman which works well for Felicity and Thomas.  This boy has checked many fence, cows, moved cows and is eager to get on a horse.      

Thomas, Felicity and Rory are extremely excited for the next few years.  Living on their ranch and doing what they love!

All the horses on offer have been ridden extensively and have taken on the job we feel best fits them. We pride ourselves in “OUR” horses being what we say they are; if that’s quiet or fast or whether they are ranch horses, started team roping horses or rodeo ready horses. We ride a lot of horses as a family and cull very hard. We do our best only to sell horses that we feel will truly have a future and have done our best to select the best horse we can. We invite you to not only watch the video on each horse but to also come try out and ride any or all of the 12 horses on offer this year. Questions are welcome and there isn’t a question we won’t answer, we pride ourselves on being honest and approachable. Please check out the testimonies or call us if you see anything that you like and we will do our best to find a horse that fits you as an individual and then stand behind them after the sale.

Thanks for your interest and if you wish to see a video please go to our Facebook page or check it out at

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