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October 26th, 2019

We will have 9 horses in this year's sale.

Performance Preview
1 pm - Westman place arena

Sale Time
4:30 pm sales ring- Kingsmen arena

Our son Slade rode the top seller in the ring this year and loved every minute of it! 
Congrats to Mel Funk and Family for buying such an awesome horse and congrats to Slade for a job well done!

2019 Sale Results

2019 Sale Catalogue

Sambo $13,000 Funk Family
Mr.Peel $8,000 Emelson Family
Marshmallow $7,500 repeat buyer X4 Greg Lane and Family
Pecos $10,500 Funk Family
Donny $8,500 Mike Desjarlais
Style $7,500 Strandquist Family
Mario $5,750 Dale & Carolyn Brown




2019 Sale Horses

2019 Online Sale Catalogue


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Hagan's Performance & Ranch Horse Sale
October 26th, 2019
Brandon, Manitoba
1:00 Preview
4:30 sale time


Hagans Major Streak aka Mario 15 HH
2 year old bay gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $5,750 Dale & Carolyn Brown



This gorgeous boy is a great example of crossing a great sire you love on a proven brood mare bloodline that we have ridden and know so well.  We are very proud to put this gelding out into the world as a representation of our program; good looking, correct and trainable. This colts mother is a full sister to my good head horse Pooh and a half sister to 6-8 different sale horses we have had over the years including Todd Gallais good sorrel heel horse. Their sire “Prescribed By Major” was the Canadian Supreme reigning champion as well as a NRHA futurity finalist under trainer Wayne Latimer. These horses ride! Mario also has a full brother who is a 1D barrel horse. We started this guy under saddle at home also; he is keen but kind natured, interested in people and what they are doing. We then sent him to our good friend and my team roping partner Shane Brown for a month’s riding. Shane does a great job with all of his horses and we are excited to see where this boy ends up; roping or barrel racing? Hopefully both! CBHI, Western Fortunes, Valley Girls and The Hagan incentive
Streakin Six
A Streak of Fling
Moon Fling
BF Streakin Merridoc
Major Bonanza
Prescribed by major
Bubble Doc
Poos Presciption
Got Pep
Gotcha Poo
Peps Super Poo

Hagans Tiny Streak Streaker 15 HH     
2 year old sorrel gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

Pending Sale


This cross works plain and simple. We are extremely proud of this guy as he is probably the best looking of his 6 full brothers. All of his older brothers are being ridden and doing very well. Ruger his 7 year old (palomino) is a 1D barrel horse.  Stinker aka Hagans Tiny Fling is his 5 year old chestnut brother and by far Erin’s favorite horse on the ranch. He is our personal futurity horse both barrels and heading. Stinker won the 2nd round of the True Grit Barrel Futurity, placed at the MB Rope horse Futurity and is clearly showing potential that he can handle any situation you through at him. Stinker will be added to our rodeo/high school rodeo string next year.  The 4 year old full buckskin brother belongs to Julie Leggit (CFR qualifier) and loves him! The 3 year old (palomino) was in last year’s sale and sold to Janet Moen (CFR qualifier) of Stewart Valley and speaks highly of him. He also has 2 younger brothers at home. Their mother was a finished barrel horse/ranch horse that we rode extensively and added to the broodmare band at the start of our career. She was good enough to stay ridden for the rest of her life and is still sound but we were committed to adding good mares which we had ridden to the broodmare band. We are proud to say that plan has worked, her babies off BF Streakin Merridoc are bigger strided, nicer movers than her but all have her grit and determination.  You gotta love it when a plan comes together. I started this well balanced, correct gelding under saddle at home and then sent also to our good friend Shane Brown for a month’s riding.   He is CBHI, Western Fortunes, Valley Girls and The Hagan incentive.

Streakin Six
A Streak of Fling
Moon Fling
BF Streakin Merridoc
Perrins Tivio Doc
Perrin's Two Jack
Baileys Tiny Charger
Pac it Easy
Pacs Alibi
Steamed up Lady

Sambo 15.2 HH     
11 year old grullo gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $13,000 Funk Family


Everyone wants to know who Sambo is! When Erin went to pick up Mr. Peel from Connie she couldn’t help but notice his best friend Sam. When Erin asked Connie about him, Connie said “it doesn’t matter where I go or who sees him; they all want to know who Sam is? What he is all about? And Erin was no different; a sucker for that Grulla colour and so Sambo got on the trailer with best bud Mr. Peel!  Sam had been Connie’s saddle horse and gone with her and Jeff (Mr. Peel) to the fairs. She had done a very nice job with him and only a day after we got him home I was using him. Such an easy horse to get along with, he was right away calving cows and sorting pairs, just a pleasure from day one. He started out the season putting in some very big days at the pasture treating yearlings but very quickly became the kid’s project (Sambo is smart too). Come branding season he was Slade’s mount; Slade (being 9) was pretty darn lucky to even be in the pen. After some help from Uncle Thomas on how to rope and drag calves he was off. Sambo was awesome, a real babysitter in the branding pen, Slade’s only complaint was “Dad; he’s not fast enough”. That is Sambo to a tee. No worries. He is fast enough to run down yearlings in the open to treat but slow enough a 9 year old starting out can drag calves in a branding pen be safe and an asset! Sambo is an easy keeper who loves to eat, He’s easy to catch and just plain and simple easy to work with. He is strong and sound, quiet and friendly, cowy and broke. He is fun to sort on, easy to get gates on, super easy to rope on and did I mention he is Grulla? Sambo is an extremely rare find. Trust us we’ve been looking. So lets see if everyone still wants to know who Sam is, what’s he all about?



Six Adams
MJ Flyin Dude
MJ Chicado
Blue Adam Six
Mr Bordeaux Rocket
Midnite Tom cat
BWF Candy Bar San
Peppy San
Peppy Bar San
Lady Bar Lu
BWF Candy Bar San
Tri City Cat
WY Bar Regards
Chicky Regards

Mr. Peel 15.3 HH     
9 year old sorrel gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $8,000 Emelson Family


Mr. Peel’s story plays out a little like a made for TV movie; this big dude with Hollywood good looks arrived at the ranch a former halter horse; no longer able to be shown due to a wire cut scar on his hind leg. So he steps off the trailer at our ranch for a much less luxurious life. We think he did find the adjustment challenging at first; no barn at night, no flysheet, no daily bathes, and not to mention hard work to do. He started out trailing cows, and then was onto calving detail. The first time he was ever roped on in his life there was a cow having trouble calving. She needed help and the only way to get her the help was to get her on the trailer and take her home. After Mr Peel finished pulling her into the trailer you could just feel how proud he was of himself. As is the case in most good movies he has settled into his new life and became great friends with the kids (think he realized it got him the easier jobs lol). Now as for his Name; this gorgeous blazed faced sorrel was named “Jeff” when he got him from Connie, the same name as one of Harley’s favorite teachers and so Jeff then became known as Mr. Peel. That true story is what I love about our family’s horse sale; it is a family affair and we do make a personal connection with all of these horses. Dad actually found him for us and when he first saw him he said “he looks just like old Secretariat” (but overweight). He is a looker, a real head turner but best of all he is simply a nice horse in general. The kind as dad says “people are lucky to have the chance to buy, the kind anyone can ride”. Leave him alone for months at a time; walk out and catch him and go for a nice ride, a safe ride. Mr. Peel is such a fun horse to get on and lope; put your hand down and just lope across the prairie never breaking stride or speeding up. So safe trailing riding horse or big easy going ranch horse; either way you feel like you’re in the movies when you’re riding Mr. Peel.

The Invester
Randados Rosa
Impulsions By Mail
Dell Jiggs
Jivan Jiggsbar
Merry Heart Bar
Zippo Pine Bar
Dont Skip Zip
She Shes a Ten
Dont Skip My Fortune
Zippos Old Gold
Zippos Boston Mac
Boston Society

Donny 15.1 HH     
5 year old bay gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $8,500 Mike Desjarlais


This good looking, strong bay gelding is Marky Mark’s (2018 sale horse) little brother; so of course he became Donny. When Jordynn Swanson called to ask if we were interested in him we went to look at him for that simple reason alone. We absolutely loved Marky Mark and the thought of getting to ride another one just like him got us excited! It was a very cold brisk January day and when we arrived at Jordynn’s house, he caught Donny up, hocked the cinches into him, got on and kicked him right into a lope and rode off.  SOLD!   Jordynn said he was safe and he proved it. Donny became Erin’s project earlier this spring because he simple needed more miles under saddle. She used him trailing cows and moving yearlings; she then handed him back to me and I started him on the track steer only to find out little brother Donny also loved to cow up. He started to come along very nicely so when our good friend and working cowboy Kirk Thompson called to ask if we had an extra horse he could borrow to use up at his community pasture we sent him Donny.  Kirk simply started using him and only had him a short while when he called to tell me they roped a bull and things got as western as he’s ever seen.  A bull got hooky and went on the fight after they roped him but in the end, they got him loaded and the job done. Kirk said Donny never weakened and they both come out alive and well! Although a situation like that can get a horse very worked up, Kirk said “he did good and was just as quite as ever 5 minutes after the storm”. Donny is very safe and very quiet with his whole life ahead of him! Doesn’t matter who buys this horse, Donny will be happy to go along for the ride!

White Lighting Ike
Ikes Double Drift
Dianes Cold Nose
Ikes Black Drifter
Lindsay Peake
Kassie Peake
Little Elly Docbar
Mitos Perfection
Mitos Big Step
IMA Silver Step
Dancin Big Step
Dancin Doc
Whispers Dancin Lady
Sonnys Whisper

Style 15.1 HH
5 year old palomino gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $7,500 Strandquist Family



This palomino gelding is a product of “Circle S Ranch” breeding program; our friends the Stiles Family raised this gelding we call “Style”. Beautiful sloping shoulder, great wither, short back, long underline and a strong hind quarter. That’s how you build one if you want them to be a great mover. Not only is Style an easy mover who always knows where his feet are but he is also my kind of tough. I have not found bottom or played him out yet and he has a ton of experience wrapped up into his short 5 years of life thus far. One day “long” Joe Wright was out helping me treat and he had already used up his good horse and so he needed a mount. Joe put his rig on Style and as we rode out he asked “anything special I need to know about yeller?” I replied; “absolutely not just ride and enjoy”.  We found a char heifer that needed doctored but she wanted to bush up, I flushed her out and Joe and Style took chase. Flat out across the hills, Style rolled right in behind her with his ears pinned; just as Joe stood up to throw the heifer tripped and went down right in front of them. Style is literally catty enough he managed to stay up even after they went right over top of her. Joe (who thought he was going to die) simply regrouped and we got her roped and doctored. Joe said afterwards “man this horse is good on his feet”!! This fall I started using Style to Pick up at the high school rodeos; he just went straight to work first time to town. That’s how he is, loves a job, a true Ranch horse. That said I honestly feel that Style is a horse that should find his way into the arena; he is in my mind very much a performance horse, more specifically a rope horse prospect; heading, heeling, breakaway roping or all of the above. He is athletic, trainable and very cowy; running to every cattle beast he chases with ears pinned. He has been roped on a lot and already seen some hairy situations. So whether you are looking for a horse to spend the winter on and double your money or just a young ranch horse with his whole life ahead of him. One thing is for sure buy this gelding and you’ll be doing it in “Style”!

Boggies Flashy Jac
Boggies Flashy Dell
Randy Lady Sparkle
Jae Boggie Dan
Blueboy Quincy
Jae Bonanza Quincy
Miss Bonanza Shock
Peppy Badge Olena
Oak Olena Badger
Docs Okra
Oakies Miss B Haven
Doc O Dude
Dudes Hickory Nita
Docs Hickory Nita

Lil Nas 14.3 HH
8 year old black gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

Pending Sale



This little Black man is all business! We were very lucky to have Kevin Taylor call and offer us this dude; he said he was his dad Dan’s horse and he wasn’t going to riding for a while so no sense him just sitting there. I put him to work the day he arrived and he s been an asset every day since. He is bred to have some talent and work ethic and it shines through.  Nice mover, handy and cowy! We were treating yearlings one day and after we had treated 4 or 5 Thomas and I came upon one who was a retreat; she was on to us and headed for cover fast. Little Nas just pinned his ears and ran her down quick! He made it very easy for me to rope her and after we got her knocked down Thomas said to me “man where did you say you got that horse? He is cool.” I have roped not only yearlings but some big cows too, taken him to brandings, sorted you name it and trust me he is not going to play out. I have lightly started heeling on him in the arena and feel he would make a very legit heel horse/breakaway horse with some time. Either way if you are someone looking for a go to tough little ranch horse or a winter project; Little Nas is your man. Catch him, saddle him and go to work; he’s like a little solider that way, he doesn’t require much extra attention. That said I’m pretty sure he is starting to enjoy Harley fussing over him and braiding his main and tail; he just doesn’t want to let me know he likes it lol.

Heza Peponita
Kleberg Mia
Blackburn Peponita
Mr.Blackburn 41
Blackburn Lady Lynn
Docs Sun Love
Lenas Smart One
Need smore pep doc
Peppy Peppy
SAQ Dry Smart Sana
Dry Doc Goldy
Shilo Golden San
Miss San Doc

Pecos 15.1 HH     
7 year old brown gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $10,500 Funk Family


This is simply one of the most attractive horses we’ve ever seen let alone had in our sale. Pecos is a really cool dark buckskin colour and just plain attractive. When we bought him I assured his previous owner that he would find a great new home after the sale; most likely his forever home. Pecos was born and raised on the same acreage showed up at our house like a kid being dropped off by his parents at camp; keen but unsure he wanted his mom to leave. He had been her mounted archery horse; something I had never heard of before. We visited a short while and I assured her that once a horse comes to our place it’s kind of like an adoption agency and that he would no doubt find a great new forever home. Pecos like all horses here went right into the ranch horse education. He is a safe, kind gelding who likes people, is easy to catch and did I mention good looking? He arrived soft and not in shape as he hadn’t been ridden in almost a year but went right to work and is tougher than I originally thought he would be. He has put in some long days in bad weather and enjoys it all. He has been rotating yearlings, moving cows and ponying colts. This season has been an adventure for him and I truly feel he will make someone a great trail riding/fun to have around horse, one that will always look good in your facebook posts.  

Marshmellow 15.2 HH     
8 year old palomino gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin

SOLD $7,500 repeat buyer X4 Greg Lane and Family


A wise man once said “Not all well bred horses are good but all good horses are well bred” Marshmallow is just that gelding; a grade horse with linage that I know and love. We bought Marshmallow from Jody, Cathy and their son (who Named the horse) Luc Plett. They raised him out of a Bill Boyes mare; a daughter of old “Barry Blue Jack” and his sire was a horse they bought from the Mason family, making him a half brother to my great head horse and many time haze horse of the year Maverick. Somehow the paper trail went array and the rest is now history. I bought Marshmallow as he came through the tip table one spring, Jody said he had been started as a 2 year old and seemed quiet. Last fall after the sale we were trailing cows home from the lake and I decided to bring him along. I saddled him in the round pen and worked him around for a few minutes but he didn’t do anything wrong so I had no choice but to get on! 5 years off between rides and only 30 rides at best then and he was just fun all day. Marshmallow has been in the string ever since and I have love using him. This gelding is the whole package; extremely good looking, very correct, sound, safe, tough, talented and palomino! Marshmallow has a ground covering trot and can literally go all day. He has advanced quickly since last fall and he will be the one this year I am most going to miss; just my kind of horse. I start all of our horses in the arena on tracks steers and the heel-o-matic before I go for big treating days. Marshmallow has only had limited sessions on the machine but shows huge potential as a head horse. He is very cowy, picks up his leads automatically, stays elevated, moves his shoulders freely and can really use himself to stop; he is just plain fun to rope on. Marshmallow has been thrown into the fire this year so to speak due to his size and age; I have treated lots on him and I expect a lot of him. One evening I had to rope a stray yearling that went goofy; as soon as I found him he started taking Marshmallow on; charging at him and banging into him. No big deal we thought, it made him easy enough to rope but then I had to get him out to the open to load. Once we got him out I knocked him down tied off and got down to tie his legs and wait for the trailer but just as I got to him he got up and come at me. That left Marshmallow tied to him while he was on the fight. I managed to navigate the ropes and climb back on as Marshmallow tried to face up. We got him knocked down again and loaded (in the dark now) that’s the kind of thing this big man can handle. Here he is; Palomino, tough, correct and sound like a foundation horse but still talented, athletic and safe.



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