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#1 Western Fortunes SR Stallion of the Year BF Streakin Merridoc

#1 Western Fortunes Breeders of the Year Alistair & Erin Hagan

#1 Western Fortunes Broodmare of the Year Baileys Tiny Charger

#4 Western Fortunes Leading Offspring of the Year Hagans Tiny Fling

#1 PE Quebec Stallion of the Year BF Streakin Merridoc

#2 Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Stallion of the Year BF Streakin Merridoc

This year we received our 10-year AQHA breeders' certificate. Although our program is very small, we are extremely proud of how far we have come in 10 years! We look forward to continuing to work toward creating our ideal horse.

In the News:


Bailey is one of our original broodmares; part of our original plan. To breed mares we have ridden and liked, mares that worked for us. She was pretty, yellow and correct. Like many of our others she started her career off as a ranch horse doing all aspects of ranch work then moved into the arena. Bailey was a fun heel horse and had a great foundation on the barrel pattern. She was tough, gritty, very brave and extremely trainable. She was all heart!!! At the time we had a young family and simply put we were needing more mares to breed. Bailey was and still is the perfect fit for our broodmare band, she is extremely fertile and his given us a baby each year she was bred and now for the first time this year her first ever filly. We have loved riding and watching all of her colts so far, they all have her grit, forward motion and character!!

She is the Dam to *Hagans StreakNBailey 2013 Palomino gelding aka Ruger (1D/ Rodeo money earner owned by Rebecca Miller)

*Hagans Tiny Fling 2014 Chestnut gelding aka Stinker “WESTERN FORTUNES 2021 #4 LEADING OFFSPRING” (2X True Grit Derby Champion, Dash For Cash Derby Champion and finished money earning Head horse) owned by the Hagan family LTE $7,500

*Hagans Charger Fling 2015 Buckskin gelding aka Whiskey (Calgary Stampede Qualifier, Rodeo/Superstakes Futurity & Derby winner) owned Julie and Vanessa Leggett LTE $30,000

*Hagans Jet Fling 2016 Palomino gelding aka Viper (Futurity 1D money earner) owned by Janet Moen LTE $2700

*Hagans Tiny Streaker 2017 sorrel gelding aka Bubba owned by Charla Nikkels

*Hagans Flings R Pac 2018 Palomino gelding aka Parker owned by Joanne Fisher

*Hagans Sir Charger 2019 sorrel gelding aka owned by Taylor Manning

*Hagans Streakin Alibi 2020 palomino gelding owned by Kirsty White

*Hagans Miss Winsalot 2021 palomino roan FILLY! Owned by the Hagans

All of these babies are sired by BF Streakin Merridoc

When you look at this line up this cross is just getting started!

Introducing BF Streakin' Merridoc 

Introducing Our Newest Stallion 

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Oak Lake-area family receives National Blue-winged Teal Award for protecting land

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Posted: 06/20/2017 3:00 AM


The Hagan family of Oak Lake accepted the National Blue-winged Teal Award at the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation’s Brandon office on Monday night. MHHC nominated the family to honour the 15 conservation easements they have to preserve and protect their land. From left: Erin, Alistair, Shawne, Jocelyn, Rory, Thomas and Felicity. Front: Slade and Harley. 

Pride was in the air on Monday evening as three generations of the Hagan family were presented with the North American Waterfowl Management Plan’s prestigious National Blue-winged Teal Award.

The Hagans, who live on a farm near Oak Lake, were nominated by the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation in honour of the 15 easements the family has that permanently protects 4,885 acres of natural lands, including 2,020 acres of wetlands.

"The easements insure that their land will permanently stay in the condition that it’s in," MHHC spokesperson Stephen Carlyle said.

Carlyle said that Hagan family has had an outstanding relationship with MHHC for years, and he hopes this award inspires other landowners to follow suit, and take extra precautions to preserve the land they own.
"Their natural areas will stay natural in perpetuity, so forever," Carlyle said.

MHHC is pleased to continue working with the Hagan family, said Carlyle, adding that they’ve been a great addition to a larger international conservation community.

The Hagan family consists of parents Shawne and Jocelyn, their four children, Alistair (Erin), Thomas (Felicity), Amanda, Bronwen, and grandkids Harley, Slade and Rory.

» The Brandon Sun



Hagan Horse Sale - Finished Performance & Ranch Horses For Sale


Our son Slade rode the top seller in the ring this year and loved every minute of it! 
Congrats to Mel Funk and Family for buying such an awesome horse and congrats to Slade for a job well done!

2019 Sale Results

2019 Sale Catalogue

Sambo $13,000 Funk Family
Mr.Peel $8,000 Emelson Family
Marshmallow $7,500 repeat buyer X4 Greg Lane and Family
Pecos $10,500 Funk Family
Style $7,500 Strandquist Family
Mario $5,750 Dale & Carolyn Brown

Thank you once again to all of our buyers and everyone that helped out to make it another successful sale!!!!

Grass fed beef available now!
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Why we believe in ranch horse beginnings…
We feel that people are today looking for “been there done that horse”. Some want them better broke than others but everyone wants to know how they will “react” to any given situation. They want them safe! In our opinion you can make both safe and broke horses on the ranch. We are life long students of horsemanship, we take clinics, read books, watch videos, and do are best to improve. The common thought of all of today’s great clinicians and horseman is that horse’s are best “started” on the ranch. One such horseman Stacy Westfall believes this is because “horses that have been exposed to a large variety of activities last longer than those that have been drilled toward perfection on a single thing such as reining etc. This is because these horses have had to think along the way and exercise their mind all the while creating a better minded easier going horse” end quote. (Stacy Westfall, AQHA horseman famous for appearing on “Ellen” riding the bridle less, saddle less reining pattern as well as winning the “2008 Road to the horse” she has a feature article each month in the America’s Horse magazine). Our horses start their life in the roundpen and the arena then move outside to simple trail riding, riding over fallen trees, through water, dragging logs etc. The horses continue their education back in the arena, with dry work, working the flag, mock branding, roping the heel-o-matic and track steer and next thing you know they are in the work string. They first start with moving cows or going to work at the sales barn and all of a sudden they graduate to sorting, branding, round penning colts, roping and doctoring cattle in the open. Finally we move them back into the arena to refine their handle and if it is a fit for the horse they begin their career as a team roping horse. We strive to do every job possible on the ranch a horseback; we get all of our ranch work done while riding these sales horses and pride ourselves in the fact that our horses “enjoy life” and like to be ridden. It is within those parameters that we begin the culling process, as not every horse that we own makes the sale. We do our best to start with good looking, sound, attractive, athletic horses but if they do not enjoy being ridden then it is our opinion that no one will enjoy riding them. That said those horses simply do not make it. The whole time that we ride our horses we are developing their mind and simply getting to know them as individuals; do they enjoy being ridden, how do they react to pressure?

Our Ranch horses have been put in pressure situations and have had to handle different scenarios in their day to day life. They are constantly presented with situations in which they have to think for themselves and “react” and it is how they react that tells us what kind of horse they are going to be. We truly feel that these horses can go on in life and take on many different disciplines in the future and although we can not expose them to everything in this world we have put them in enough of these situations that we are confident in how they will “react” and that is why we believe so much in “Ranch horse beginnings”

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