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Horse Buyer Testimonials

Kit was a horse we bought sight unseen at the Hagan sale last year. He has been an absolute gem to work with. Whether it is working cattle, roping out of the box or just babysitting a younger rider, Kit does it all.  He has definitely proven himself to all of my family on different occasions. The best horse we have ever owned bar none. I would recommend the Hagan horses to anyone.

Tyson Jacksteit and family

This mare is very athletic and will be entering our breeding program to cross on Flit N Six Moons.  We look forward to riding her babies!

Janeen and Florent Rivard
St. Eustache, Manitoba


We bought Buddy sight unseen from last years sale and he was everything they said he was. We heeled off him all last winter and my son started his steer wrestling career on him this spring. Buddy and my son have already won 2 high school rodeos.

Dale Sorge


“I had a good feeling about Big Ben right from the start and I still have it! Deb and I fell in love with him watching his sales video. He’s always the first to come up to you for a visit and when it’s time to go to work and chase cattle he is always ready for the gun fight! I just LOVE him!”

Chris & Deb Florek


I was looking for another horse last fall when one of my heel horses got injured and I wanted a backup horse to take south for the winter but also something that anyone could ride.  Willie fit the bill as he has turned into a pretty good heel horse and the grand kids love him.  I even got my wife riding him this winter in Arizona and she hadn’t ridden in over 20 years.  The Hagan’s recommended Willie and they were right as he was exactly what we were looking for.  Alistair said he was a smaller horse with a big heart and he proved that in the branding pen this spring.  He is a great addition to our horse crew and seeing as I am partial to bays it is even better.

Dave Kerr
Lashburn, Saskatchewan


My name is Dean Lamberton and I live in High Level Alberta.  I have bought several horses over the last 10 years, some have been good experiences and some have been absolutely terrible.  But the last two horses I have bought have been Hagan horses and both purchases have been fantastic.  I was looking for a young project horse with a level head and a hard working attitude and Erin had a nice looking red roan filly that fit the bill perfectly.  When I picked her up last fall, she had 30 days on her this summer and she’s turning out to be just an excellent little mare who is willing and able to take on any challenge I throw her way.  This spring I started shopping around for a well finished saddle horse that I could weekend cowboy with.  On this occasion I reached out to Erin again and she told me that her brother-in-law Thomas may have the horse I was looking for.  When I spoke to Thomas I explained my riding abilities and what I was looking for in a finished horse.  Thomas responded with one word, Scooter.  Because of the distance between Virden Manitoba and High Level Alberta I told Thomas that it was a heck of a long drive and I didn’t want to drive 16 hours and be disappointed.  So Thomas would go out in the wind and rain storms collecting videos of him and Scooter out chasing cows across 100 bridges and working out in the mud and water.  Finally the time was right for me to book a trip out to Thomas’s place and to cover my bases, I set up several rides on the way.  I finally got to the Hagan Ranch and Thomas had Scooter tied up in the barn but not saddled (as requested).  We saddled up Scooter, warmed him up a bit and then went for a two hour ride on Thomas’s Ranch.  I rode through the bushes, we rode amongst the cattle and even had a close encounter with a cow moose.  My ride was fantastic and I was sold after the first hour but was enjoying myself so much we just kept riding until the skies opened up and we headed home.  My ride at Thomas’s place was great but since I’ve brought Scooter home we have done two brandings and I try and ride him 5 days a week and each ride I still get a grin on my face.  I would recommend the Hagan’s and Hagan horses to anyone looking for a good quality and well bred horse.

Dean Lamberton
High Level, Alberta


McGee Livestock purchased Hagans Solanas Fling  at the Hagan horse sale last fall as a started two year old.  We will use him for fall gathering at our ranch and then take him to the arena for rope and barrel training. With his versatile pedigree we feel he will be successful in any arena setting. An added bonus is he carries a CBHI SuperStakes certificate and is eligible for Western Fortunes added money and Hagan’s $5,000 incentive!

Dallas & Sonja McGee
McGee Livestock


Our experience with the Hagan family was 1st class.  We went down to their ranch about a month before the sale. We told them what kind of horse we were looking for.  They didn’t try to sell us something we weren’t interested in.  Thomas picked Tango for me to try and things just fit like a glove.  After buying Tango, Felicity followed up with text messages and that was great.  Became new friends with great people.  P.S. Tango has gone above and beyond fitting in with our ranch life style.  We thank you again for everything.

Bob and Jill Jensen – Leader, SK

Parker is a fun horse to ride and has a lot of try.  I started using him heading steers but am now using him on the heels and he has a great turn and stop.  We have used Parker sorting pairs and he is very cowy.  Whether pulling bulls or gathering yearlings out of the river hills, he has no quit.  Parker spent the winter in Arizona roping steers and riding in the desert and enjoyed it as much as I did.  He is everything the Hagan’s said he is and I am very happy with him.

Dave Kerr – Lashburn, SK


Quincy is our barn clown always getting into something and making us laugh.  He is an amazing horse.  He sat all winter and we saddled him up in the spring without a hitch.  Another great addition to our barn!!! (But General is still the champion of the barn!)

Tracy Peacock, High Level Alberta

"You Got Me Addicted" ..Lincoln

We purchased Lincoln at the 2013 Hagan Performance and Ranch Horse auction in Brandon. Lincoln has the good conformation that we looked for and that is right for our operation. Since we got him home in the fall we have found him to be just as Hagan’s described him.

He is a good horse to work around and off of. We don’t ride in the winter. Lincoln was easy to start up on in the spring after no riding for months. He is a great moving horse. His walk really covers the ground. He was used to move, check, gather and rope cows and calves this summer. He worked the cattle and the rope strong and well. He is keen to work but good to handle whether you are on the ground or riding him.

He is a valuable addition and we are very pleased with him.

            -Jewel Creek Land Co Inc Goodwater Sask

"Oakie is one of the most athletic horses I've ever owned. He has all kinds of speed and really gets under himself when he stops. In 2013 I have won 12 TRC Finals Shootouts and qualified for the World Series in Vegas riding Oakie. He is definitely one of those good ones you always hope to own."

            ~ Todd Gallais ~

"I was lucky enough to purchase Felix from Thomas and Felicity in May of 2012. I fell in love with him when I saw him on their website. After speaking with Thomas over the phone and going for a "test ride" I knew he was the perfect horse for me and he was exactly as Thomas had described him. Thomas and Felicity were nothing more than accommodating and answered all the questions that I had and more.

I would not hesitate for one moment to mention the Hagan name to anybody looking to purchase a well-bred and well mannered horse Felix turned out to be everything I wanted and more. We have grown together as a team in the last year and have since started training on barrels. He is a very willing horse and picks up on new tasks very quickly. He is such a sweet and gentle natured horse as I have even had my 12 your nephew on his back and he was nothing more than a gentleman. I look forward to the upcoming rodeo seasons as we are both new to it but I hope to be strong competitors in the barrel racing ring!"

        -Ashley Hall-


"I purchased Benny this past April. All of my experiences with Thomasand Benny have been great. I was able to ride him numerous times before buying him to ensure that he was a good fit for me. I felt comfortable through the entire process and not pressured at all. I can't say enough about the ongoing support I have got from Thomas. He has helped me over the past few months to gain more confidence and is only a phone call way with any questions I might have. Benny has settled in very well with my furry family and I look forward for the many years a head with him. It has been a real pleasure to work with Thomas and I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Sincerely, Kalynn Mitchell


""Ted has always been a great horse ever since I picked him up from Alistair and family. The Hagan team put a great foundation on a really good minded and athletic gelding. We have used Ted in all aspects of ranch work from doctoring to heeling at brandings. I just picked up another buckle at an invitational team roping.

It was all Ted! He never was not in position regardless of the handle. A great horse, I will be back to the Hagan family for my next one."

         Don Andrews ~
         purchased Ted in 2009


"We have purchased 4 horses from the Hagan Performance & Ranch Horse Sale and have received nothing but compliments from our fellow barrel racing/gymkhana competitors! They all want to know where we get our good looking horses.

I first met/chatted with Erin and Alistair

about their sale horses in 2008. After describing my riding ability and style of horses I was looking for, I purchased Playboy and Taco. Then along came Scooter in 2010 purchased by my daughter Chantel Rivard. Feeling left out, I figured it was time to buy another one for myself, and I purchased
Sisko from the 2011 sale.

Each and everyone one of our boys has been exactly as described to us by the Hagan family. They are top quality, well broke, good looking horses. The time has been put on these horses, and they have been precisely what we needed to continue on with. We have never attended the sale, as we are from Alberta, but when we receive the Sale catalog in the fall, we are on the phone immediately checking with Alistair and Erin to see which of the horses that they think would be best suited for us. All of our horses have been basically bought sight unseen, we have seen the sale catalog and the videos only. The telephone bidding has worked tremendous for us, and we love that we can have access to bid on these excellent horses, without actually driving 12 hours to be there in person. We feel like we are essentially there, even if it is just on the phone.

So if you're looking to purchase, a top quality, good looking, well broke horse suited to your style of riding, look no further then Hagan Performance & Ranch Horse Sale!! Don't miss out on your next winner; I know that Chantel and I will be looking again this year for our next future champion! Thanks to the Hagan Family for the opportunity to purchase all 4 of our horses, we love them!"

         Chantel & Glenda Rivard


"We bought Hank and Mino at the 2011 Hagan Sale and they have both fullfilled our ranch needs. Whether moving cattle from pasture to pasture, crossing wide/fast creeks or sorting cow/calf pairs in tight pens they are both calm and reliable.

One time while sorting in an alley with Hank a young calf walked under his belly, then turned and returned back the same way. Hank handled it very well, never moved - just watched as it went back and forth under him.

Mino is Don's go-to horse, knowing he or others can jump on him whenever needed and into any situation.

The Hagan families are wonderful people and it has been a pleasure to get to know them. Their horses are reliable and well trained."

         Cory Scott & North Farms

Congratulations to Jennifer Pugh on her very successful first year of College rodeo on the great rodeo ready mare she purchased from Erin "Cutter Bug". Jen consistently made the short go in a tough region (Hobbs, New Mexico) as well as setting the arena record in Dunseith, North Dakota. Good luck Jen with your second year in Hobbs!

"We purchased Nike at the 2006 sale. He has proven himself to be very well broke and easy to be around. We use Nike for all types of ranch work and he is worth every penny we paid for him."

Harry Lund - Pine Lake, AB

"We literally put Jericho to work the day he got off the trailer and he didn't miss a beat. He has been a great addition to our ranch horse herd - big & strong and a quiet guy to handle and work around. We have had to remind ourselves that he is only 6 - he just takes everything in stride."

         Laura Laing, General Manager, Diamond 7 Ranch

"Zuess is that once in a lifetime horse. Whether you are working cattle or relaxing and riding the trail he is an incredible partner."

        Walter Kemble


My family and us three brothers have been neighbours with Hagan's for years. We spend several nights roping at Hagan's, and that is how we met Balto. We were looking for a rodeo/ ranch horse so we could high school rodeo on him. We looked at several horses of theirs but Hagan's recommended Balto. Everything they said about Balto was true and still to this day there door is open for any help we need with Balto or ourselves.

         Vodon Family

We first contacted Erin and Alistair prior to the 2007 sale looking for a well started horse. After viewing the video and talking with Erin we determined there were two geldings that could be the right match. We purchased both Playboy and Taco, upon arriving home we were happy to discover our two new boys were everything promised and more! These two horses have been all around horses for us, barrel racing, gymkhana, trail and mountain riding they have done it all.

For the 2010 sale we came across two horses in the Hagan catalogue that caught our eye, Ruby Jean and Scooter. We purchased Scooter, the 3 year old gelding as recommended by Erin. This gelding was exceptionally well started, we took him to a barrel racing clinic in early spring 2011 where he was a super star. We couldn’t be more impressed with how broke this 3 year old was and we are looking forward to barrel racing futurities with him as a 5 year old in 2012.

Our Hagan horses have fit perfectly into our program and we are looking forward to the 2011 sale and the possibility of a fourth Hagan horse!
It has been a pleasure dealing with the Hagan family and we are excited to call them our friends!

         Chantel & Glenda Rivard 

"Good using horse, broke, light in the mouth and great in the branding trap."

        Roxy Wildman

I love Spider! He is incredibly smart and willing to learn. He's an extremely flexible horse and can turn on a dime. I can't wait to get him
running barrels. I took him to MBRA finals at the end of August and everyone was in love with him. - Amanda Diamond, Moosimin, Sk

We purchased Concho at the 2009 Hagan Fall Sale. We have used Concho in many different aspects of the farm from branding to treating in the pasture and sorting off pairs. We are very pleased with the Hagen's cooperation as they allowed us to ride him before the sale and being the younger riders that we are Concho did take advantage of
us with a few things and Thomas was more then willing to come to the farm and give us a few pointers. He has turned out to be everything Thomas told us he would be.- Brooke and Stacy Lowes

We purchased Woodrow at the 2009 Hagan Horse Sale, if Alistair and Erin tell you something about the horse you are looking at you can take their word for it, Woodrow chases cattle and then we put an inexperienced rider on him and he takes it all in stride. Thank you
Alistair and Erin for a great horse and a great sale experience.
- Glen and Cindy Forsyth

 "After talking with Thomas a  few times we bought Captain over the phone.  He caught a ride to Edmonton were we picked him up and brought him home.  Two days later I was using him to check pensand move/treatheifers. Captainsettled in right awayand became part of the crew.  Since then I have used Captain as my main horse for calving on pasture,
brandings and moving and treating cattle on pasture.  I've used him at a few local team ropings, both heading and healing (has a real nice stop).  My son Cody has used him on pasture checking cattle also.  The only troubles I've had with Captain was getting him back from a young girl at a friends branding after she used him to drag some calves to the fire and didnt want
to give him up.  All said and done I am very pleased with Captain and my dealings with Hagens.  Thomas was very honest with what the horse was and I will surely look their way when I need another.  Thanks


In 2015 my wife and I purchased a horse from Thomas and Felicity Hagan at the Hagan Performance and Ranch Horse Sale.  I have been wanting to learn to rope for sometime.  My wife mentioned a lot of very nice horses have gone through the sale in previous years and bet there would be something for me.  We spent time going through each horses video and write ups.  We had two in mind.  We purchase Bell sight unseen through a phone bid.  On the phone Felicity mentioned that Bell would be a good horse to go in the direction I wanted to go.  After purchasing Bell I asked Thomas if he would take Bell for another 30 days and get her going in the box on the heading side.  Thomas was very accommodating in doing this for me.  In the weeks that followed Thomas was very patient and a pleasure to learn from in helping me get started in roping.  As for Bell, she has been a great addition to our herd, with a kind personality and had a lot of patience with me.  When I’m not throwing a rope, I just throw a saddle and halter on and go.  In all it was a great experience buying from Thomas and Felicity.

Lorne and Denise Langford – Moosomin, SK

Dear Hagans,

Wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re making out with Chip. He’s turned out to be everything you said He’d be! He’s quiet enough for the whole family,(all 5 of our kids)and since we got him, he’s never had a bad day. My three youngest from the attached picture, are learning barrels, and poles on him this fall. We used him all spring and summer for everything from checking cows, riding in the mountains, or giving visitors to our place a safe and enjoyable ride. I wanted to thank you for being true to your word and so easy to deal with. We are grateful for chip and are hoping you have a super sale this year!
We’ll be back again when we need another trusted mount.

        -Quinn, Naomi and Family :   Calgary, AB 

"I purchased Sonny Dee at the 2013 sale. He is every bit the horse they said he was and more. He is just a real nice horse to be around. I am enjoying him very much and would recommend any one to purchase a horse from their sales they put on each year. I believe the Hagan Family put the time and work into their horses under real ranch conditions to offer for sale a quality ranch horse. Thanks to the Hagan family for putting Sonny Dee in their sale for me to purchase."
        - Colleen Dalrymple Oak Ville, MB

"Tucker is just what the Hagan family said he was when he was offered in last years sale. He is a very easy going horse, very quiet and gentle. He is very easy to catch an loves being around people. He is the type of horse that you can ride every day or turn
outto pasture for a few weeks or
longer and you could pull him out and go to work."

        -Jamie Jones Carnduff, SK



"I had learned of Hagan Performance horses from Calgary area locals who had seen horses that had come from the Hagan Ranch. When I called and outlined what I was looking for in a ranch gelding, Allister was
open and interested in trying to meet my expectations. A horse that is sound, quiet, able to do ranch work in all conditions, able to team rope (heels), easy for others to ride, and safe for younger riders is a difficult package for anyone to put together. They felt they had a horse
that would fit with a little work and I arrived to see just that. The family was warm and welcoming and provided a number of opportunities to ride in the arena and out in the field moving and doctoring. We spend
a long time working and roping in the arena and I was able to get a good feel for the horse. He was everything they said he was. He passed a tough Vet check back in Alberta with a comment from the vet that he was not only very sound but an easy horse to be around given
he was only six. He has worked out as predicted and I have noticed that when he has not been exposed to something he is cautious but learns expectations very quickly and is soon fluent with the task. I am looking
forward to being well mounted in all conditions for a long time to come thanks to the work that has been put into him by the Hagan Ranch crew. Special thanks to Shawne who did most of the quiet work of getting Ted ready to go."

         - Don Andrews, Calgary Alberta

"We searched a long time for a replacement for my 22 year old,
been everywhere done everything, horse. We were fortunate to be able to purchase Pacman at the Hagan Sale in 2008. He is a great little
horse and everything they said he was. He's pretty cowy rounding up
cows and quiet and effective sorting in the corral, as well as being a
safe, dependable mount trail riding. We couldn't be happier with our

       - Neale and Gail Daniels

I purchased Dallas at the 2009 Hagan Fall Sale. This horse is one of the good ones that you get in a lifetime. The Hagan family had done all the right things in bringing this terrific horse along. His bio and video were extremely accurate. After a presale ride all of my questions were
honestly answered. Competing on him in 2010, he will soon return my initial investment. This horse is proof of the outstanding abilities that the Hagan family has in imprinting a horse for versatility from roping, branding, mountain riding (he calmly faced a grizzly) etc.
I will be looking forward to their future sales for a second purchase and dealing with their operation, from presale to safe delivery. Call me anytime. I'm proud to brag on my purchase. 403-875-1223

Sold to Chantel Rivard
2007 Sale

"Johnny Ringo has been the highlight of my summer!  I purchased Johnny Ringo from the 2008 Hagan Sale.  Not only did I get an amazing horse, I had the priviledge of meeting Alistair and Erin.  Johnny Ringo is a reflection of the Hagan's... honest, trustworthy, full of life and character.  I'm so thankful for the Hagan's widsom for great horses and my gorgeous little black horse Johnny Ringo! " 

          Holly Cowell

"We bought Hanks last fall from Alistair and Erin and he is exactly the horse they said he would be. Hanks is your perfect all around horse.
He and Mark's first rodeo season together ended with them in 1st place in goat tying and 3rd in breakaway roping in the MHSRA. Hanks is all heart and has made Mark a more confident rider. Anyone can jump on him and ride into the arena and go - our daughter rides him for goat tying and is even running some 3-D barrels on him for fun. Hanks will do anything you ask of him and has certainly earned his place on our family ranch and in our hearts."

Thanks so much ~ Deb Cook


"I couldn't have been happier with the horse I bought from the Hagans.He turned into a really nice head & heel horse. I would not hesitate to buy another horse from them in the future!! From trying out the horses to the delivery of the one I bought they couldn't have been any nicer to deal with."

         Shawn Hughes ~ DeWinton Alberta

"I was fortunate enough to purchase Cody in the 2008 sale. I have used him extensively on the ranch working cows until spring 2009 where he went to Leslie Scholser to further his barrel training. Since then I have been hauling him to some amature rodeos. With the good solid base training, Cody was able to further advance into
a more extensive training program with a keen mind. I am extremely happy with my purchase from the Hagans, and am exicted for my future down the road with Cody.

Skyler Brown ~ Nanton AB

Will is very well trained, smooth to ride, great with cattle, no buck in him and has never refused me. On the ground he is a little nervous and will take time to trust people, but he is very polite and respectful. He may have been the “Deal of the Sale”. I appreciate the follow up calls from Alistair to see how things have been progressing. Great people to do business with!

Ken Stuebing ~ Cooks Creek

"The horse they called Charlie was bought for my son and turned out to be a cheap price for the value we got. A young horse with many years ahead of him, and ready to rodeo with. Took him to strange areana`s to rope in and never any issues. The only problem with Hagan horse`s is making the choose as to which one suits us best. Hope they can keep up the good work. The horse seems to be exactly what we were told and they are real nice people to deal with. Maybe next sale will be my turn!!"

Ted Humphreys

"We are very excited that the Hagan’s have purchased BF Streakin Merridoc. He is an outstanding young sire that can excel in many areas of the horse industry. He has speed, great disposition, a big stopper with lots of natural cow. We feel they will do great things with him." Brian Fulton - Fulton Ranch "I bought Luke (CCA and MRCA calf roping horse) last year. He was just what they said he was. He can really run and really stop."

Brian Fulton - Multi event NFR Qualifier

"I bought Luke (CCA and MRCA calf roping horse) last year. He was just what they said he was. He can really run and really stop"

Cliff Williamson  Madden, AB
Multiple Canadian Calf roping Cahmpion and NFR Qualifier

"I've known Erin and Alistair for three years and they are a very "down to earth" couple. They are both extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the horse industry. Erin and Alistair both take a lot of pride in their horses as well as their training programs. Hagan horses can go to the work pen or show pen and compete with the best of them. They are firm believers in that all important "versatility" factor and stand behind their horses 100%. If you have a problem or question they are always just a phone call away or will take time out at a rodeo to help you in any way they can. It has been a pleasure associating with them."

Courtney Figley
CCA and MRCA barrel racer

"We were first introduced to the Hagan family through rodeo, but have grown to be good friends through our common interest in the ranching way of life. They strive to be great horsemen in and out of the arena. They've obviously proen themselves as rodeo athletes and competitors, but it doesn't stop there. Their family eats, sleeps and breathes the ranching way of life. Horses that they have ridden for us have come home well-prepared and ready to go to work."

Steven and Katie Cowan - Gainsborough, SK

"I was looking for a small ranch horse that was quiet and had seen it all... Hagans picked out Doc for me and he was just what I was looking for. I am very happy."

Henry Zarn - Sinclair, MB
69 years young

"Me and Buddy are buddies! He is a great horse and all I have ever wanted."

Tyler Finch

"My wife and I wanted to experience a real cattle drive We got to ride two of their feature sale horses - Nick & Bart. Having never ridden before, these two horses babysat us and allowed us to be right in the action all day."

Bob Currie, Hamilton, ON

"At Clayridge Stock Farms, we have seen the results of the Hagan's horsemanship abilities. They have trained young horses in all aspects of ranching duties for us. They have an eye to pick a young horse, know its pedigree, and turn it into a versatile ranch horse. It is exciting that the Hagan family is putting out another group of excellent ranch horses."

Bob & Dorothy Clay - Fairlight, SK

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