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In conjunction with the
Manitoba Ag Ex

October 26th, 2019

We will have 9 horses in this year's sale.

Performance Preview
1 pm - Westman place arena

Sale Time
4:30 pm sales ring- Kingsmen arena

Our son Slade rode the top seller in the ring this year and loved every minute of it! 
Congrats to Mel Funk and Family for buying such an awesome horse and congrats to Slade for a job well done!

2019 Sale Results

2019 Sale Catalogue

Sambo $13,000 Funk Family
Mr.Peel $8,000 Emelson Family
Marshmallow $7,500 repeat buyer X4 Greg Lane and Family
Pecos $10,500 Funk Family
Style $7,500 Strandquist Family
Mario $5,750 Dale & Carolyn Brown




7 year old buckskin gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin






Lil Nas 14.3 HH
8 year old black gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin




This little Black man is all business! We were very lucky to have Kevin Taylor call and offer us this dude; he said he was his dad Dan’s horse and he wasn’t going to riding for a while so no sense him just sitting there. I put him to work the day he arrived and he s been an asset every day since. He is bred to have some talent and work ethic and it shines through.  Nice mover, handy and cowy! We were treating yearlings one day and after we had treated 4 or 5 Thomas and I came upon one who was a retreat; she was on to us and headed for cover fast. Little Nas just pinned his ears and ran her down quick! He made it very easy for me to rope her and after we got her knocked down Thomas said to me “man where did you say you got that horse? He is cool.” I have roped not only yearlings but some big cows too, taken him to brandings, sorted you name it and trust me he is not going to play out. I have lightly started heeling on him in the arena and feel he would make a very legit heel horse/breakaway horse with some time. Either way if you are someone looking for a go to tough little ranch horse or a winter project; Little Nas is your man. Catch him, saddle him and go to work; he’s like a little solider that way, he doesn’t require much extra attention. That said I’m pretty sure he is starting to enjoy Harley fussing over him and braiding his main and tail; he just doesn’t want to let me know he likes it lol.


Donny 15.1 HH     
5 year old bay gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin



This good looking, strong bay gelding is Marky Mark’s (2018 sale horse) little brother; so of course he became Donny. When Jordynn Swanson called to ask if we were interested in him we went to look at him for that simple reason alone. We absolutely loved Marky Mark and the thought of getting to ride another one just like him got us excited! It was a very cold brisk January day and when we arrived at Jordynn’s house, he caught Donny up, hocked the cinches into him, got on and kicked him right into a lope and rode off.  SOLD!   Jordynn said he was safe and he proved it. Donny became Erin’s project earlier this spring because he simple needed more miles under saddle. She used him trailing cows and moving yearlings; she then handed him back to me and I started him on the track steer only to find out little brother Donny also loved to cow up. He started to come along very nicely so when our good friend and working cowboy Kirk Thompson called to ask if we had an extra horse he could borrow to use up at his community pasture we sent him Donny.  Kirk simply started using him and only had him a short while when he called to tell me they roped a bull and things got as western as he’s ever seen.  A bull got hooky and went on the fight after they roped him but in the end, they got him loaded and the job done. Kirk said Donny never weakened and they both come out alive and well! Although a situation like that can get a horse very worked up, Kirk said “he did good and was just as quite as ever 5 minutes after the storm”. Donny is very safe and very quiet with his whole life ahead of him! Doesn’t matter who buys this horse, Donny will be happy to go along for the ride!

White Lighting Ike
Ikes Double Drift
Dianes Cold Nose
Ikes Black Drifter
Lindsay Peake
Kassie Peake
Little Elly Docbar
Mitos Perfection
Mitos Big Step
IMA Silver Step
Dancin Big Step
Dancin Doc
Whispers Dancin Lady
Sonnys Whisper

Owned by Alistair & Erin



Filly by BF Streakin Merridoc X Rockin ta Fame by DTF





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